About Kate

Kate found her way to graphic design by way of law school. After years of paying her dues in the glamorous world of pharmaceutical patent law, her first son was born and she found the time to hone her creative talents at her dining room table.  Her crafting led her to open a shop on etsy.com, and from there her products were sold at Anthropologie, as well as boutique retailers across the country.

More than making her handmade goods, Kate loved creating the marketing materials that accompanied her products.  She taught herself Photoshop, and developed her design skills over the next several years.

To take her abilities to the next level, Kate enrolled in the Design Alive Print Design Through Conceptual Marketing course.  She focused on print graphics media techniques, technology and marketing.  Kate is the only student in the history of Design Alive to have graduated from the course with straight distinctions on each of her projects, the highest honor awarded.

Her love of great design is rivaled only by her love of her family and the Periodic Table of Elements.